Welcome to Pendeen Watch Online a website dedicated to the memory of the men and families of HM Coastguard Pendeen Cornwall.

Why Pendeen? My interest in the lives of the men and their families at the Pendeen station developed from my research into the Sheppard family history. My Great Grandfather George Henry Sheppard was Chief Officer at Pendeen 1891-1898. He died as a result of injuries sustained during the rescue of the crew of the steamer Oria which was stranded off Pendeen on the night of August 25 1898. As I began to look into his life at Pendeen I quickly realized that there appeared to be very little information available regarding the station and its inhabitants. It is my hope that through this website we can develop a better understanding of life at the Pendeen station and learn who the inhabitants were and how they interacted with the community of Pendeen at large.

We hope you will enjoy your visit with us, and by all means if you have any pieces of family or local history relating to the station or the parish of Pendeen, photographs, information on personnel, newspaper accounts of wrecks and rescues etc. please feel free to contribute to our body of knowledge. My underlying philosophy for this website and others I have been involved with is one of gaining by sharing, where each small piece of information shared on a common platform such as the internet leads to an exponential increase in the shared knowledge available to all users.